My life as a professional wedding photographer


My Style

My wedding photography is not cast in stone because every Bride & Groom are individuals and every wedding day is unique. I very much work to my client’s requirements this allows me to develop a style that perfectly reflects their unique personality.

My Approach

I have never been bossy (it’s your day) I’m certainly not or never have been a prima-donna photographer (again it’s your special day) I’m never in your face, but we do have things we need to do on the day so I am quietly efficient in the background. I am always discreet and unobtrusive. I have been told on many occasions that I was like part of the day rather than someone being employed. 

My Experience

Professional wedding photography requires a high degree of specialist experience, detailed knowledge of how to capture moments, using the best available light, using people skills, how to blend into the day.
I have had the pleasure of being part of peoples lives and telling their special story since 2008 and it that time I have photographed weddings all over the country, not to mention the lovely island of Ibiza.
 Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and I am sure that we will have some great fun along the way.